Ahmed Hasan- Multimodal, Multigenre Project Make a Copy

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Reconstruction 10 grade history English


 For this week’s Assignment, I want you to come up with three to four different types of documents that  do a few things; 1) define the 14th amendment and rephrase it in plain English.  It should contain the language of the 14th amendment, and also tells me what  each section means  in plain English, 2)  that gives me at least two examples of the legal protections that the this amendment gives people ( based on at least two of the clauses from section one of the amendment), 3) that provides some historical context of why the amendment was passed when it was, and talks about how the amendment both has and has not been followed, and finally 4) your personal thoughts and feelings and or opinions about what this amendment does and how it has or has not been followed in the past.