Fun with Food Fractions Make a Copy

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fractions 3 grade math English


Foods and Fractions



Let’s look at fractions through different types of food! 

Students will become engaged by watching this brainpop video. 


Click on the link below to view! 

Fractions BrainPOP 


After and during the video, students will take notes on what they knew already and what they want to learn. 




Clock on the link below to watch this engaging Jack Hartman video that introduces our lesson then we will read the book.


Click on the YOutube link below: 

Fractions are Parts of a Whole | Jack Hartmann


Dance or simply watch the video sitting. :) 


After, please listen to the book read-aloud. 

Click on the link below: 

Peg + Cat The Pizza Problem by Jennifer Oxley | Read Aloud by Mr. Andre




Click on the Google Slide document that I have created on Fraction Pizza. 


(I will present this slide and work as a whole group to explain how to solve the problems while collaborating with students, asking them questions and to answer specific equations.) 


Google Slides Link:


Standard and objective focus: 

Standard: NY-3.NF.3: “Explain equivalence of fractions and compare fractions by reasoning about their size.”

Learning Objectives: Given images of parts of a pizza pie, students will be able to identify the correct fractions as notations within three choices. 




Making pizza’s craft activity! 


Students will make their own pizza fraction independently. Students will have their own pizza boxes and generate their favorite pizza toppings into fraction notions.  





Students will share their pizza creations, fractions and ideas through a think-pair-share. This can be virtual through Google meet or Nearpod. The think-pair-share can also be done in the classroom. 

After the think-pair-share, the whole class and myself will discuss and calculate what pizza toppings were the most popular. 





During a whole group discussion we will discuss fractions by looking at what percent of the class chose each topping and we will recap the lesson. “So today we learned and worked on”.





If there is extra time, students will play a game of fraction pictionary!  


Pictionary with fraction game using Nearpod. 

(Directions: One student draws a picture of a fraction on the board or via Nearpod’s group “whiteboard”. The students team members will have to figure out what they are drawing and what the fraction notation is. 


Students can also access more math resources at home or for homework if in need of more support. 


The Pizza Fraction Google slides for more independent practice. Link: 


Video to watch: Fraction basics | Fractions | 3rd grade | Khan Academy


Additional Video to watch:Fractions on a number line | Fractions | 3rd grade | Khan Academy